Our people is our greatest asset

BIOTEK S.A. invests in its human resources, always concerned with their constant further education and training on new technologies and new activities, included in the company’s goals. Moreover, the Company makes sure that its personnel works always observing the necessary security and construction quality assurance measures. The company’s personnel are composed of the Managerial and Technical personnel.

Additionally, the company participates in the Research and Engineering Company Engineering Energy (50%).



Electrical Engineers 5
Mechanical Engineers 7
Civil Engineers 1
Chemical Engineers 4
Mechanical Engineers TE 10
Account 5
Purchace Department 1
Secretarian 3


Jural Consultants 2
Financial Consultants 2
Technical Consultants 1
Engineering office 1
Technical collaborators 7


Foremen 6
Fitters 8
Pipe fitters 30
Helpers 90
Welders 29
Electrical / Instrumentation Technicians 5
Electrical Helpers 5
Operators 9
Operator Helpers 18
Drivers 2
Mechanical maintainer 1
Electrical maintainer 1
Industrial workers 3

* The Worksite personnel are fluctuated proportionately, according to the Company’s requirements in workforce.