30 Years of Success

BIOTEK was legally founded in 1987 as a result of the successful course and development of BIOΜEK, which began its activities in the field of industrial constructions in 1984.


Based on the scientific expertise and accumulated experience of its founder – stockholder Charalambos Sismanis in the field of constructions obtained during their long-term involvement, through BIOKAT SA, in various big projects, mostly in the energy field, in Greece (PPC, NAPC, MOTOR OIL) and abroad (Saudi Arabia,Iraq, Jordan), BIOTEK managed to establish its position in the market undertaking and successfully materializing significant projects.

  • BIOTEK began its activity in the energy sector through the field of refineries in N.A.P.C in Kavala and in the refineries of Aspropirgos.
  • In 1989 it expands its activities in the field of electric energy production taking part in the construction of Unit 4 in Megaloupoli, as well as in the construction of the fuel tanks.
  • In 1990, continuing its successful course, the company undertakes its first project abroad; the building of an unleaded oil production unit in the refinery of FINA in Antwerpen, Belgium.
  • In 1993 it enters the field of building constructions undertaking the electromechanical facilities in the multi-use complex of buildings of HELEXPO.
  • Since 1996 apart from executing new projects in all the aforementioned fields, it also undertakes maintenance projects for industrial facilities and tanks in refineries, petrochemicals and other industrial units.
  • In 1998 it gets involved in natural gas constructions, prefabricating high-pressure stations and subsequently undertaking the erection of natural gas piping in Revithousa Island.

Since then and up to date BIOTEK has always been a reference in the construction market and due to its consistency and professionalism it always managed to be a significant part of the biggest construction projects both in Greece and worldwide.

The aims and prospects of the Company for the continuation and further development of its activities are interwoven with the prospects in the sector of mechanical constructions, which follows a continuous development path parallel to the evolution of technology as well as a respective increase of its demands.
BIOTEK, with credibility, high quality in service rendering and flexibility as its main characteristics, aims at the full development of its potential and the increase of its activities, investing on modern equipment and on the high quality technical and scientific resources it provides.