The company ownes and continuasly invests in all nessesary equipment needed for being able to establish and function normally at each construction site.



(31) Containers, some of them (13) are design to be movable offices, totally equipped, with Tel., Computers , fax, copier, technical library, to support worksites

(3) Containers totally equipped, for restaurants, for the personnel, 36m2 each

(3) Container, W.C., for the personnel, 18m2 each

180 m2prefabricated offices fully equipped
470 m2 prefabricated 2 floors offices fully equipped

200 m2 worksite prefabricated room for lunch, break and resting

(2) TOLL, using them for the needs of prefabrication at the worksites

Movable warehouse, 720 m2 with two built in overhead cranes for the needs of prefabrication at the worksites.


Bundle Extractor (20 tons) 1
Orbital welding machines 3
Plasma cutting set 1
Pumps Alignment Machine 1
Thickness gauge for plates 1
Complete cold cutting set for diameters ½ ‘’ – 22’’ 1
Air driven pipe cutting machines 4
Air driven pipe milling machine complete set for diameters       2’’ – 8’’ 3
Air driven pipe milling machine complete set for diameters   6’’ – 16’’ 4
Air driven pipe milling machine complete set for diameters 14’’ – 24’’ 1
Hydraulic jack set (3 ton) 1
Hydraulic nuts cutters 4
Bolt Tensioning Equipment (set) 2
Bolt Tightening Equipment (set) 2
Flange retractors
Hydraulic spreaders flange 25
Megger and Earth resistance meters 1
Digital Thermocouple Calibrator (Temp Calibrator FLUKE) 1
Digital generator 4-20mA (Ammetek) 1
Digital hand wheel press for instrument calibration (Ammetek) 1


Electric welding machines 180
Diesel welding machines 10
Electric generators (Capacity 130-100-80-40-15 KVA) 12
Air Compressors 6
Crane (70tn) 1
Crane (35tn) 1
Crane (25tn) 5
Crane (20tn) 1
Crane (4tn) 1
Articulated telescopic boom 18 – 39m 9
Trucks 5
Palette truck (Clark) 7tn 1
Palette truck (Clark) 3.5tn 4
Palette truck (Clark) 4tn 1
Pick-up trucks 10
Trucks with crane 7
Vehicles for personnel transport 6


Complete pipe fitter’s sets 170
Complete millwright’s sets 4
Complete welder’s sets 180
Complete fitter’s sets 40
Complete mechanical maintainer’s sets 4
Complete electrical maintainer’s sets 4
Sand mixers 4
Paint sets 4
Stable base drills 4
Air Driven Cutting saw 5
Power saw 5
Chain blocks/ tiforks 200


SmartPlant Construction 3D Review
SmartPlant SpoolGen
Primavera P6
Ms Project
DbAdmin (Personel Time Sheet)
Internal Programme (Data Base) For Progress Monitoring